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My name is Barbara, I’m from Munich and I’m madly in love with flowers…

I’m also in love with Paul!  Paul is a little black Pug who belongs to my best friend Jasmin. There was never any doubt that Paul would become my business partner.


Whilst working in the fashion design industry in London for over 10 years, I became captivated by the pure and natural beauty of flowers, and they have now become my one true passion. During that time my interest in flowers blossomed, and I fell in love with English roses and the opulent English floral style. A style that in my eyes is wild, diverse and unexpected and allows each flower to reveal its true beauty in its own individual way.


My love for flowers goes beyond visual and I love researching the significance of each flower, the meaning of their names and each ones unique story.


During my workshops I get to share my passion, knowledge and love for this beautiful subject…and you will learn that we can all create so much more than

we initially imagine.


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